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WNY Development Web Hosting: 5 Ultimate Convincing Reasons To Switch!

Having a passion for web development instills in me the desire to offer my clients the ultimate best! Building the fastest web hosting platform was one of the challenges that I wanted to take head on because a solution was needed. 

WordPress Elementor users were having difficulties getting their websites to load under the recommended 3 seconds and that was the problem that I sought out to solve. I wanted to find that solution and with the help of LiteSpeed, SSD Rapid 10 Storage, NVMe Storage and object caching I built a lightning-fast web hosting platform.

I switched my website to my WNY Development web hosting platform after two years of hosting it on a Vultr droplet. I wanted to accomplish this for a variety of reasons, including speed, ease of maintenance, and functionality, and WNY Development web hosting well exceeded my expectations.

So I decided to publish the WNY Development web hosting research results because there isn’t much information about my web hosting service online. So there you have it: WNY Development Web Hosting: 5 Ultimate Convincing Reasons To Switch!

WNY Development hosting is built with LiteSpeed, the fastest, most feature-rich, and cost-effective platform! We currently only offer monthly plans as per client requests. No commitments or long term contracts.

WNY Development Web Hosting Table Of Contents

What I’ll cover in this review.

  • A little about our website and its history (for comparison purposes)
  • What should you look for in a hosting service?
  • How did the contenders fare     

These are the five factors that influenced my decision when building my hosting platform:

  1. What is a LiteSpeed server and cache, and why do you need one?
  2. Almost limitless – there are little restrictions on bandwidth or storage (other than “inodes”)
  3. A built-in CDN 
  4. Good customer service — I always believe in treating others how you like to be treated. No crab apples in my bunch.
  5. Affordability – WNY Web Development offers some very reasonable hosting plans.

One of Our Websites

Discover Discomfort is a website dedicated to education. The majority of our revenue comes from a combination of advertising and affiliate marketing. We primarily discuss language, culture, and travel.

This screenshot only shows traffic through google. With referral traffic it has increased to over 85,000 monthly sessions and 100,000 monthly pageviews. 

Discover Discomfort Website Traffic Analysis

Those figures have changed dramatically over time. I wanted to share them because many host reviews are just a simple website with a few pages. This is the live version of our website, which receives a lot of traffic.

We’ve been using Vultr as our hosting provider prior to migrating to our own web hosting server. It’s been fantastic – for a while, a $10/month server was fantastic.

However, as traffic increased our page load times have recently slowwwwed. Our average page load time used to be 2.5 seconds, but it has since risen to 15+ and nearly 40 seconds depending on the amount of visitors at one time.

We knew we had to increase storage and cpu but didn’t want the hassle of building another sever from the ground up and migrating. If we were moving the website it would be to it’s permanent home on our web hosting platform.

I didn’t want to think about it any longer, though. I’d of liked to hire someone to handle it but didn’t know anyone I could trust to do the job.

As a result, we decided to move to our own hosting platform where we could manage it a lot easier with the modern state of the art hardware we installed.

What factors did we consider when building our web hosting server?

There were a few things in particular that I wanted in my new server. These are fairly typical items, but please consider whether they are also top concerns for you.

My priorities are vital not only in terms of user experience (a quick, zippy site), but also in terms of Google ranking. Google favors websites that load quickly, partially because users do as well.

There are numerous reasons why a quick website is preferable. This isn’t something I need to go through again.

To summarize, these were the characteristics I was seeking for in a web hosting platform:

  1. Fast time to first byte (the time it takes for a website to send its initial response) and throughput speed. Also, the capacity to handle a large number of simultaneous sessions without choking.
  2. LiteSpeed server – I’ve wanted to switch from NGINX to OpenLitespeed for a long time. There are many advantages to choose Litespeed, but the bottom line is that it’s a quicker web server with built-in caching and advanced capabilities that allow you to reduce the number of plugins you utilize.
  3. Support – I’ve been self-hosting for a long time and am sick of it. I’m sure others feel the same and I am committed to offering the best support possible.
  4. Security/uptime — a host who guarantees uptime. In the last month we have 100% up time. Last 4 month period we had 99.9% up time with 18 total minutes of down time. Our security is top-notch and unmatched.
  5. A built-in CDN – Using a CDN to speed up your website is a terrific idea. Many people use Cloudflare as a free CDN, which is good, but there are plenty of other options. 6 days ago we started enabling http/3 and Quic through the LiteSpeed Caching plugin which increases website speed 100% more! 
  6. Reasonable price – hosting expenses can easily exceed $100 per month with other web hosting providers with everything we have included in our packages. Our Business Cloud Package is only $29.95 a month and has unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mail and comes with everything I mentioned I wanted in a server. Your not tied into yearly plans.

Compared WNY Development Web Hosting To:

We ran the same website on the following platforms. I’m not talking bad about them, just comparing for our needs and value. Afterall, these are our competitors.

  • WNY Development Web Hosting
  • VPX
  • DigitalOcean
  • BigScoots
  • Cloudways 

Let me begin by explaining how a handful of them were eliminated.

I’ll do it in the sequence in which I eliminated the first ones from the equation.

DigitalOcean is quick, but it's not managed.

For starters, DigitalOcean is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget.

  • It’s affordable – a basic droplet costs just $5 per month!
  • It’s simple to set up a LiteSpeed server on it — there’s even a pre-built droplet for WordPress.
  • It’s snappy; my webpages load rapidly on it. VERY fast, in fact.

But, despite the fact that I’ve constructed and hosted numerous blogs on DigitalOcean, I don’t have the time for building and maintaining servers. I truly wanted a website where someone else would manage the server and provide security for once. Our blog, Discover Discomfort, is constantly targeted by hackers (one of which was successful because I failed to keep up with the never-ending stream of plugin changes). As a result, I eliminated DigitalOcean as a hosting choice because it isn’t managed. (I continue to use it for little projects.)

In addition, DigitalOcean does not have a built-in CDN. They have some nice technology, such as Spaces, which you can set up to host your media… but I never worked it out.

For the first several months, managing a DigitalOcean server is really simple. When you have a random problem, though, it takes time to solve it. If you have some spare time, this is ok. It becomes more difficult if you have a job or multiple sites.

Cloudways offers managed hosting as well as a CDN, but no LiteSpeed.

Cloudways is essentially DigitalOcean, but with a professional manager in charge for a small fee.

That’s fantastic! You get DO for a modest price (plus a low-cost manager), yet it’s still lightning fast (and still cheap).

Cloudways also has their own content delivery network (CDN). Awesome!

The main disadvantage is that Cloudways does not yet offer a LiteSpeed server. That’s a no-no for me because I prefer to run on LiteSpeed.

BigScoots – Quick, but not inexpensive, with a lot of downtime and no CDN.

BigScoots was the third option I considered.

I had a strong desire to relocate to BigScoots. Everyone in the community adores it, and their customer service is second to none.

Unfortunately, I believe that the blogging community may be an echo chamber of a few viewpoints at times. BigScoots seem to be fairly transparent. However, they’ve experienced a lot of downtime in the previous year, which has impacted a lot of their consumers. I’ve counted four instances thus far. Even though they’ve given reasons for everything, it’s still downtime, and I don’t enjoy it.

Even putting that aside (it could just be terrible luck, or perhaps their openness is drawing too much attention to it), BigScoots lacks a CDN, isn’t built on LiteSpeed, and isn’t the cheapest.

WPX - Quicker, better service, but it's pricey, and it's not true Litespeed

WPX is my second choice. In fact, I’m using them for a different project right now.

WPX checks almost every box.

  • Excellent and prompt client service
  • It boasts a TTFB of < 300 milliseconds 
  • Built-in CDN.
  • They use LiteSpeed for all of their infrastructure
  • They provide excellent customer service and limitless migrations.

The following are the primary drawbacks of WPX:

  • It costs more than WNY Development Web Hosting.
  • LiteSpeed Cache isn’t used by them.

WPX’s pricing is slightly higher than WNY Development’s. WPX charges $25 each month, or roughly $20 per month if you pay for a year in advance.

At the very least, the cost is straightforward! WNY Development’s pricing structure was a little perplexing for some but we adjusted. We listen to our customers needs.

One aspect of WPX that I don’t like is that their “suggested” setup prompted me to diverge significantly from the way I was already deploying my site.

To achieve the “normal” optimised WPX deployment, I had to modify my nameservers, get them to provide a certificate, and utilize their recommended cache.

WPX does not use LiteSpeed Cache, despite the fact that they use LiteSpeed for their servers. This, in my opinion, detracts from what might have been a strong candidacy.

(While you are not required to use WPX’s recommended settings, I did so to give them a fair chance.)

W3 Total Cache is WPX’s recommended setting. That’s OK. However, they do not provide a free copy, thus you must either use the free version or pay $99 a year for the paid edition of W3TC. The major reason you’d pay for the professional version is for deferred CSS, which improves your PageSpeed Insights ratings substantially. You’ll have to install other plugins, such as AutoOptimize, if you don’t have it. More plugins, oh no…

WPX’s customer service is one of my favorite features. I get responses to my email support questions within minutes of sending them, and the chat is highly responsive.

WPX is, in general, a fantastic alternative if you use their recommended configuration. But I’d rather stick with my personal favorite.

Only real LiteSpeed, WNY Development Web Hosting is the cheapest and fastest.

I choose to build WNY Development with our clients websites in mind. Why? Because I strive to provide the best service possible to my clients.

Our “Business Cloud” option which is $29.95 a month includes limitless website hosting! (But only through a single CPanel.)

I’m using our web hosting for all our websites, of course. Our one website we mention here is on course to reach 100,000 monthly accesses in about six months, with current peaks of 20-50 concurrent users, and I want to make sure it is future-proof.

The web hosting at WNY Development is virtually limitless. We advise you to optimize your database and not overuse our platform, but we don’t impose any disk space or bandwidth restrictions.

However, we do have one thing to offer:

Our traffic increased by 15-20% the day after WNY Web Development deployed web hosting on our servers. Since our website was much faster than it was on DigitalOcean, people didn’t bounce off the page waiting for it to load.

I initially mistook the surge in traffic for a one-time blip, but it has lasted!

My TTFB is always around 0.5-1 second.

In closing

If you’re looking for the fastest web hosting platform that will get your website ranked on google as well as keep people on your site and decrease your bounce rate. Checkout our web hosting plans. If you need a fast server built we can do that for you as well. All our plans are created with every website in mind. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to reach out and follow us on social media.

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