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Pabbly, AKA Pabbly Subscriptions is founders of Magnet Brains Technology, Pankaj & Neeraj Agarwal’s, latest global all-in-one marketing software tool to hit the market. Integrated with it predecessors well know products of FormGet, MailGet, and MailGet Bolt.

FormGet transformed to Pabbly Form-Builder. After MailGet Bolt merged into MailGet, MailGet became Pabbly Email Marketing Service.

What is Pabbly?

Pabbly is actually a sales and marketing platform. If you have any sales or services to sell or market, this is one platform that you really want to have.

Pabbly is something that Magnet Brains Technology management team uses everyday themselves for their own sales and marketing needs. If you have purchased or ever purchase a product from them you will be using Pabbly Subscriptions software. That goes to show you that they believe and stand behind their product.

That is the reason I want to tell you how it can increase your sales, marketing levels and how you can actually use the whole platform eco system to build and grow your business.

Pabbly in itself actually comprises of multiple tools. It includes software for:

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How Pabbly can help you increase your sales and marketing

Let’s say your collecting leads from somewhere. You can be generating leads from Facebook ads, you might be running a Facebook group or running marketing at 10 different places.

If you want to generate leads you can generate a form onto your website in a matter of just 10 seconds. Once the form is generated you can share the link among your audience as you like. Next you would send emails through the Email Marketing suite. You can send automation emails, broadcast or just about any kind of emails you want to send to your audience.

Once the emails are sent you can start to collect payment for your product or services with the help of Pabbly Billing Software suite. You can instantly create a landing page and share the link in just a matter of a few minutes.

Once you start with Email Marketing, Subscription Billing and Form Builder. You can actually use the Pabbly Connect software in itself to basically automate lots and lots of things within your business.

So, when I say automation, if your collecting payments. you can send those payment details to some other software if you want. If you have a CRM, you can instantly send the lead across to your CRM. If you want to have some kind of automation, if you want to send data to google sheets you can instantly connect google sheets and send data across to google sheets.

Basically Pabbly Connect in itself helps you to automate and integrate multiple applications together. The entire suite in itself can help you generate your sales and marketing. You can do your Marketing with the help of Pabbly Email Marketing tool. You can generate leads with the Form Building tool. Sell products or services through the Subscription Billing tool. Last but not least you can use Pabbly Connect to integrate data across multiple places. Because your getting leads from several places you can use the Email Verification tool to verify your email list just to verify everything is in the right order and right fashion.

Summing it up

Again, Pabbly is one tool you need to do your sales and marketing right.Each and every software that you will see inside Pabbly is very deep in itself.

For example, if you checkout Email Marketing it is not the usual Email Marketing tool that you normally use. It is something that enables you to connect any external SMTP service provider so that you can get the best possible open rate when you are sending your emails.

When you consider their billing software, it is not the typical billing software you typically see. It comes with all the commission systems, all affiliate management systems and just about everything you can imagine.

The Form Building software is not just a simple lead generation software, it allows you to collect payment as well. You can create dynamic forms or logical forms.

The Email Verification software is very important because if your collecting leads from multiple places it allows you to verify those leads. It allows you to make sure your leads are legit and valid. Also it enhances your reputation for when you are trying to send emails to your audiences.

The Pabbly Connect tool is an automation tool in itself. It connects and binds more than 500 applications out there so you can integrate and combine multiple applications together, get data from one place, send the data to another place and vice versa. There is a free tier with a limit of 100 tasks/operations a month if you want to try it out.

So, Pabbly Connect is an integration software which binds all the applications together and I believe the whole Pabbly suite is something you want for your business.Once you start to use it, I think you will be amazed at the sales and marketing things you will be able to do once you get the whole suite installed.

Pabbly Plus

Pabbly comes with a Pabbly Plus membership which you can get for your business. Plus Membership allows you to get access to Email Marketing, Email Verification, Form Building, Subscription Billing and the automation software which is Pabbly Connect.

So, thank you for reading my blog article. I do hope to see you on board using Pabbly to run your business. I am 100% sure that you will be able to generate more sales for your business once you start using the tools inside your business. Until my next post, take care.


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