Multiple Location SEO

Multiple Location SEO: 7 Great Strategies


Businesses can attract website traffic from many states or nations throughout the world by using multiple location SEO.

It provides numerous advantages to e-commerce enterprises that provide global or international shipping. You can fast extend your customer base and build your business if you have it in place.

How do you perform multiple location SEO? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

What Is Multiple Location SEO?

You’ll almost certainly need to use a local SEO approach to get visitors from different areas.

Consider the possibility that your company has franchisees or branches in several towns or countries. You can serve a wide range of customers and ship products abroad or globally.

How do you entice customers to visit your store based on their location? Multiple location SEO is the answer.

Multiple location SEO can help you increase search traffic from a variety of sources. Locals that conduct searches related to your niche or services will find your website at the top of the results page.

For example, a search for McDonald’s in New York returns Google search results that include information about local locations.

multiple location SEO mcdonalds new york

If you were heading to Las Vegas, you’d also see McDonald’s locations and website results that were relevant to your area.

multiple location SEO mcdonalds las vegas

In a nutshell, multiple location SEO allows search engines to distinguish between different places. As a result, local shoppers can acquire up-to-date information on the items and services offered by surrounding stores.

What Are the Advantages of Multiple Location SEO?

What makes multiple location SEO beneficial to a company? Here are some of the advantages you should be aware of.

1. Increases the effectiveness of local marketing

Using Google’s multiple location SEO tools can help you improve your marketing efforts.

Google provides location-based data, such as drop pins on digital maps with your company’s actual address, operating hours, and other pertinent information. Customers who are looking for your store for the first time can utilize the “Street View” feature to locate it quickly.

When a tourist types in “Starbucks near me” into Google, for example, they will obtain a map containing information on local locations, links to their website, and guidance.

multiple location SEO starbucks

2. Attracts Customers from the Area

Of course, multiple location SEO might help you attract more local clients in your area.

According to website design business Go Gulf, local information makes up 46% of all Google search results. In addition, 72 percent of shoppers who used a local search went to a retailer within five miles of their current location.

These figures illustrate that having a multiple location SEO strategy is beneficial to your organization.

When people look for a local business that provides a specific product or service, the search results will show local businesses that specialize in that area.

Foodies looking for a restaurant in Washington, D.C. might use the search term “restaurants Washington.” In the search results, popular eateries in the region will be displayed.

multiple location SEO - restaurants washington

3. Increases Brand Recognition

Multiple location SEO Increases traffic to product pages can help improve awareness of your product or service.

When buyers use terms relating to your business’s offers, your product pages could appear in the top search results.

Consider a newcomer to Washington, D.C., looking for stuff for his residence. He uses terms like “mattress Washington” and “furniture Washington” in his searches. Businesses in these areas that are SEO-optimized will appear at the top of search results.

In the end, using a local SEO approach can boost sales. Businesses can strengthen their local presence if they wish to increase their visibility in a certain area.

Is it necessary for e-commerce companies to optimize for several locations?

Because it is quick and convenient, more people are turning to e-commerce.

E-commerce has the distinct advantage of being able to serve customers from diverse locales, states, or nations.

Even if your e-commerce business is based in the United States, customers in France, Italy, and Germany will be able to visit your online store. You only need to allow international shipping and you’re good to go.

Unfortunately, if your business isn’t included on a search engine, overseas customers won’t be able to find you. As a result, implementing a multiple location SEO plan is critical to your company’s profitability.

Multiple location SEO is not just about generating visitors to your website when it comes to SEO. You can also use it to drive traffic to your regional website and develop customized pages and content for each area.

Assume you run a clothes store that caters to overseas clientele.

When compared to your e-commerce site in the United States, online businesses in Singapore may offer various merchandise. As a result, you can create a multiregional site to serve customers in different areas.

Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing company, has an online presence in Singapore.

multiple location SEO uniqlo singapore

It maintains a separate online store for customers in the United States.

multiple location SEO uniqlo united states

Singaporean customers will be rerouted to your Singapore website if you use multiple location SEO. They will be able to see things that they can buy and have delivered to their houses. Consumers in the United States will also profit from these advantages.

You can also adapt to local trends and develop exclusive product lines that appeal to local customers. Consumers will find these products on your local website when they search for them.

Steps to Multi-Location Optimization

How can you make your store more adaptable to multiple locations? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

1. On your website, make a page for each location.

The first step is to develop pages based on the location of your company or your customers.

This can be accomplished by creating a logical site structure that allows search engines to quickly locate landing pages dedicated to a specific topic.

If your e-commerce store has multiple locations, for example, you can use the following URLs:

New York can be found at yourecommercestore.com/locations/newyork (for a specific state)

http://locations.yourecommercestore.com/newyork/manhattan (for a specific district)

Assume you own a store in Manhattan’s East River Plaza. You can then use the following URL:


2. Make each page as location-specific as possible.

Unless you make an effort to optimize your page for a certain area, Google will not recognize it.

This entails adding your location in the title tag and meta description of your website. Consider the following restaurant search result for New York City. The keywords “restaurant New York City” appear in the title, URL, and description, which helped it rank first in the search results.

multiple location SEO new york restaurants

3. Create content that is specific to each location.

Following that, you’ll need to generate localized content based on the items and services accessible in a specific area.

The following landing pages could be created by e-commerce shops with different products and services in each region:

  • Dedicated landing pages with information about your physical locations should be created (if any). This should ideally include your business hours, address, a map with your location marked on it, and directions.
  • Add images of your physical locations (if any).
  • Product pages: Create product pages that are optimized for a certain place for products that are only accessible in that location. The McDonald’s Korea website, for example, includes a menu page dependent on their present location.
multiple location SEO mcdonald's korea
  • Describe the services you provide in the specific location on the service pages.
  • Blog posts: Write blog entries aimed at attracting local clients in a specific area.

These efforts ensure that when local clients visit your website and make a purchase, they will find information that is relevant to them.

4. Create a Google My Business account.

Create a Google My Business account for each of your company’s locations.

Basic business information, product photos, reviews, and social network pages should all be included in a decent listing. According to BrightLocal, 5% of Google My Business listing impressions result in phone calls, clicks, or directions requests.

Take this ad for Miyako Sushi in Pennsylvania, for example. The listing includes online reviews, popular times, a website link, an address, contact information, and any other information that may be useful to customers.

multiple location SEO miyako sushi

Consumers can learn everything they need to know about the company from this Google listing. With the press of a button, they may place an order, read reviews, and visit the website.

5. Showcase Evaluations

Before making a purchase from an online company, customers frequently look for reviews.

According to Podium Market Research’s State of Internet Reviews, 93 percent of consumers believe online reviews can affect their purchasing decisions.

According to a Bright Local study, switching from a 3-star to a 5-star average rating on Google might result in a 25% increase in clicks. Businesses with a 5-star rating also received roughly 69 percent of local search clicks, outperforming their competitors by a considerable margin.

Customers can easily leave a review by going to your Google My Business listing and clicking the “Write a Review” button.

Let’s take a look at the reviews for Miyako Sushi, as an example.

You’ll see a pop-up with the option to “Write a Review” in the upper-right corner shortly after that.

multiple location SEO write a review

Create an email inviting customers to post a review after they make a purchase to receive more reviews. You can also offer customer testimonials or reviews to encourage them to tell others about their experiences with your company.

Give clients a modest incentive to leave a review, such as vouchers or freebies, for better outcomes.

6. Make each location’s local business listings

To increase your local search results, you can build local company listings on sites like Yelp and Bing in addition to Google.

This should include important business information such as location, hours, and directions, similar to Google My Business listings.

For the Atlanta Breakfast Club, here’s an example of a Yelp listing:

multiple location SEO atlanta breakfast club

As you can see, there’s important business information including reviews, health and safety precautions, website connections, and contact information. This data can assist you in attracting local consumers as well as tourists looking for breakfast eateries in the neighborhood.

As previously said, customers like businesses that have reviews, therefore invite customers to submit a review on these listing websites. If there are any bad reviews, act promptly to satisfy dissatisfied consumers and raise your average review rating.

You can also include links to these listings on your website’s location-specific pages. Customers will be able to obtain the information they require with the touch of a button in this manner.

7. Create a network of backlinks for each location.

Backlinking is an important aspect of many SEO strategies.

Businesses that wish to boost their ranking in several places should establish backlinks to various pages on their website for each area.

You can accomplish this by reaching out to local bloggers.

Consider contacting a food blogger to have them write a blog post or review about their experience if you own a restaurant. You can also contact local vloggers to have them upload video content about your business on the internet.

To get included on local websites, host or participate in activities in your town. Collaborate with groups that can assist you in making a difference and forming relationships with locals. Make connections with journalists who can help you be involved in noteworthy events and published in local publications.

The more backlinks you get, the more likely you are to improve your local search rankings.

final thoughts

Multiple location SEO has a lot of advantages for your company.

Not only will you be able to raise brand awareness, but you’ll also be able to attract local customers. You can even boost your client acquisition outcomes because many individuals conduct local searches.

To reap the benefits of this SEO method, you’ll need to design and optimize a page for important areas to your organization. After that, collect reviews and develop local business listings to ensure that customers have a positive impression of your company.

You’ll be well on your way to generating local traffic to your website if you follow the steps in this post.

How are you going to handle multiple location SEO for your company?

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