Learn To Code From The Beginning - HTML5

Learn To Code From The Beginning – HTML5

Google the phrase learn to code. The results that popup are overwhelming. You ask yourself, “Where do I start to learn to code?”. The answer is confusing. Where is the beginning?

I’m Darrin Holtz, owner of WNY Web Development. Today I’m going to share with you my story of how I learned to code from the beginning. Hopefully this article will help you overcome the overwhelming feeling that a lot of people experience on this subject.

“How is a website created?”

I’ve always been a curious person. People that know me will tell you that I like to explore my surroundings in nature. Always trying to figure out how things go together. What the mechanics behind them are. Tear things apart and put them back together.

First of all, I am not a millennial. I wasn’t lucky enough to be born with a smartphone in my hand out of the womb. It was pen and paper for me in school – the dinosaur days, yes. The closest thing to a computer at the time was a calculator. Although, I vaguely remember computers being present in my schools, I think they were Commodore 64 or McIntosh. Anyway, They were just DOS.  Showing my age here.

Introducing Bucky Roberts and thenewboston

Forward 30 years on a boring day in the early 21st century. I was curious as to what it took to create a website. Curiously I googled “How is a website made?”. I remember finding a video made by a guy named Bucky Roberts and he has a channel called thenewboston on Youtube to this day. He stopped making tutorials about 4 years ago. Speculation is that he got a job with a private company LH Ventures. So where oh where Bucky is now is anyone’s guess.

Bucky just vanished and left 2.5 million subscribers speculating his existence. His videos live on though! Thank you Bucky Roberts if you ever see this.

Back To Learn To Code

I watched a few of Bucky’s videos on thenewboston channel and was awestruck by the videos (material) that he had on his channel. So much talent and material. As I was watching the tutorials I always read the comments. Commenters were raving about how well he taught courses. Leaving comments like he was the “best teacher on Youtube, no body compares to his way of teaching”. I figured he has to be doing something right. After all, he has 2 million subscribers.

Being puzzled at where to begin so as I kept watching the randomly selected videos and he kept referring to previous videos. So naturally I kept reverting back to older videos. After about 1/2 the day was wasted I final got to his HTML videos. Finally I had a starting point!

Bucky’s Intro “welcome to your very first tutorial in html5. Now in this tutorial series what I’m going to be doing is I’m going to be taking you from a complete noob in html5 to a seasoned vet”. finally!, That’s me your talking about. This is the exact video that got me started to learn to code. I thought it was so cool that I could make my own website. What I put on the server everyone could see!

Learn To Code HTML & CSS

As I continued to watch the tutorials on thenewboston channel I wasn’t quite grasping what all the elements in HTML5 were for and I wanted to study it more until I got it. I searched on google and found this book titled HTML & CSS  Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett.
Learn To Code HTML & CSS
If you haven’t figured it out by now Google is my best friend. This book is like a magazine with excellent illustrated pages. It gives you exercises to do. I highly recommend you to get this book. WNY Web Development sells the eBook version for $12.95. It’s 514 pages of colorful illustrations and easy to learn step by step instructions in coding.
Learn To Code Example Page

Free Code Camp Learn To Code

HTML was a pretty simple language to master. It took me roughly two weeks to get through the tutorials and book. Then I thought “Wonder if I can become certified in HTML?”. So I searched google for the answer and found Free code camp. Free code camp is a code school that requires you to do lessons, quizzes and complete projects to become certified. I think you have to get a 65% to become certified. HTML and CSS pretty much come hand in hand. Those two languages are the basics. HTML is the skeleton and CSS is the cover of the skeleton.

If you are going to be a coder HTML and CSS are the foundation that you need to learn and then you can branch off from there.

Media Queries When You Learn To Code

When you are learning HTML5 and CSS to build responsive websites you need to use media queries. With websites being built mobile first today it’s good to master media queries in CSS. It will help you down the road when you get into using frameworks. Yes it’s a lot of coding but you will understand the fundamentals of how frameworks work when you get there.

Another good site for learning media queries is W3schools. W3schools gets into explaining what media queries are as well as breakpoints. Their website is also interactive where you can see how different codes work. They also have certification but unlike free code camp you have to pay $95 for each certificate. You don’t have to complete any courses or do any projects. You just pay $75 and get two chances to pass. If you fail both you have to pay another $95.

That is all I wanted to talk about in this article – Learn To Code From The Beginning – HTML5. So, I will pick up on Learning Javascript in my next blog article next week. If there is anything you guys want me to blog about feel free to leave the suggestions in the comments. Of course if you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, I want to find out what hour of code is all about. Hope everyone has a good week. Until next week bye for now.

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