Improve The Performance Of Your Website

Consider the most recent time you spent on a slow website.

What words would you use to describe your experience? Frustrating? Annoying? Horrible?
Consider how you would feel if this was your website. How many visitors, sales, leads, or customers would you lose if this were to happen?

Allow your website to do its work

At WNY Web Development, we understand how critical it is for your website to load lightning fast and remain available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Our LiteSpeed servers are built with HTTP/3 (Hypertext Transfer Protocol 3), Quic CDN for blazing fast load times. Our uptimes are 99.9%. People in today’s age of mobile phones, tablets, and smart devices have a plethora of alternatives when it comes to purchasing goods and services and gathering information online. If your website isn’t performing well, the prospect will quickly go on to the next choice.

HTTP3 Quic Cache LiteSpeed Server Headers In Development Inspector of Firefox Night
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Affordable High Speed Internet

All Websites Can Benefit From Low-Cost, High-Speed Web Hosting

We designed our private cloud with the help of a seasoned group of Internet entrepreneurs to provide an incredibly high-speed, reliable, secure, and expandable environment that is inexpensive for websites of all sizes. We offer a package designed specifically for you, whether you want to host a personal blog, a small business website, or an eCommerce storefront that accepts thousands of orders.

We prioritize people over profits.

Many of the big web hosting companies want you to think you’re getting “premium hosting,” but they’re just using popular phrases like “Managed” to get you to spend hundreds of dollars on web hosting that you don’t need.

We prioritize people before money at WNY Web Development, and we provide a web hosting service based on transparency and trust.

people above profit

What Sets WNY Web Development Apart From Other Web Hosting Providers?

We designed our complete web hosting platform utilizing top-of-the-line hardware and software, unlike many of the “major hosting” firms out there. We also don’t use traditional dedicated servers; instead, we developed our entire infrastructure in the cloud, allowing us to increase resources on demand.

SSD and NVMe Storage

Web Hosting with SSD/NVMe

Your website is deserving of the very best. We created our cloud using top-of-the-line hardware and are constantly optimizing and improving it.

Ultra Fast Cloud Network

Web hosting that is 100% true cloud

All of WNY Web Development's web hosting services are hosted on our high-speed cloud, which is designed for maximum performance, dependability, and scalability.

WNY Web Development powerful cloud hosting icon

Uptime of 99.9%

The Internet never sleeps, and even a minute of downtime may cost your company not only money but also its reputation. Since 2019, we've maintained a 99.9% website uptime!

LiteSpeed Icon

Web Hosting with LiteSpeed

All of our web hosting plans include a free copy of the LiteSpeed web server, which is up to 20 times quicker than regular Apache.

MariaDB Cloud Server Icon


Most websites, especially those that use WordPress, are powered by a database. We've made particular adjustments to ensure lightning-fast database calls and high reliability.

Affordable web hosting Icon

Web Hosting That Is Affordable

From the outset, one of our main objectives was to deliver an exceptional premium web hosting service at an accessible price.

You'll Need These Web Hosting Features

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a web hosting subscription only to discover that you need to acquire an unlimited number of add-ons to make your website great. Everything you need should be included in the price of our packages, according to us:

Free SSL Https Icon

SSL Certificates for Free (https)

Secure your website, safeguard your data, and give your guests peace of mind when they come. SSL is completely free and automatic, with no complicated setup required.

Free Quic Cloud Icon

Quic.Cloud is available for free.

With free Quic.Cloud integration, you may improve the performance of your website by up to 200 percent. Take use of LiteSpeed's high-performance CDN and object caching.

Nightly Backups Icon

Backups are made every night.

You may rest easy knowing that your website is automatically backed up offsite nightly (and weekly). In cPanel, you can easily restore files, emails, and more.

Multiple versions of php icon

PHP Comes in Several Versions

Select a certain PHP version for your website/application and change the restrictions to meet your personal needs. It's completely safe and simple to use.

Cloud Web Hosting Has Many Advantages

Our Cloud Web Hosting platform will enable you to deliver your services with simplicity, regardless of how little or large your web hosting requirements are.

Immediately add resources

By upgrading to the next package, you can instantly add more resources to your account from within our client interface. Your website will have access to the precise number of CPU cores and RAM that we specify.

In addition to resources, our cloud will give you with the redundancy and security you require to keep your website up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

resources for web hosting
Optimized Web Hosting

Cloud that is both affordable and optimized

Some of the most popular content management systems, such as WordPress, have been optimized for our cloud. We also perform Malware screening and removal on a nightly basis to ensure that your website is not breached or exploited.

Finally, we feel that having access to this technology should not cost hundreds of dollars every month. For both corporations and individuals, all of our packages are inexpensive!

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