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A full-color guide to the fundamentals of HTML and CSS!

HTML & CSS Design and Build Websites is an instructional ebook that you will love reading, and referring to again and again. It will make you wish that more technical topics were presented in the same straightforward, appealing, and interesting manner!

HTML & CSS Design and Build Websites Structure

This book is organized into three parts in order to teach you how to make web pages:

The first chapter will focus on how HTML is used to construct web pages. You’ll notice that you begin by jotting down the words that you want to appear on your page. The words are then given tags or elements so that the browser knows what is a heading, where a paragraph starts and ends, and so on.

The remaining chapters in this section cover text, lists, links, photos, tables, forms, video audio and flash, and miscellaneous elements, as well as the tags you can use to create web pages.

I should warn you that the examples in the first nine chapters are not particularly appealing to the eye, but they constitute the bedrock of every web page. The CSS chapters that follow will show you how to make your pages look a lot more appealing.

CSS Section of HTML & CSS Design and Build Websites

This part begins with a chapter that describes how CSS employs rules to manage the styling and layout of web pages. Then we’ll look at the various CSS attributes that you can use in your CSS rules. These features are classified into one of two groups:

Presentation: How to change the color of text, the fonts you wish to use, and their sizes, as well as how to add background colors to pages (or parts of a page) and background images.

Layout: How to control where the various items on the screen are placed. You’ll also discover how experts employ a variety of ways to make their pages more appealing.

We come to a conclusion with some useful knowledge that will help you design better websites.

We’ll look at some new tags in HTML5 that can help you explain the structure of your sites. HTML5 is the most recent version of HTML (which is still under development as of this writing). You should have a strong

understanding of how CSS is used to manage the design of web pages before learning about these elements.
There is a chapter that walks you through a design process that you can use when building a new website.

Finally, we’ll look at things like placing your site on the web, search engine optimization (SEO), and utilizing analytics tools to track who visits your site and what they’re looking at once you’ve finished building it.

Price Tag For HTML & CSS Landing Page

Simple Breakdown Explaining Everything!

Easy To Understand Illustrations Anyone Can Follow Along Too

Creating A Web Page Instructions in HTML & CSS Design and Build Websites
Price Tag For HTML & CSS Landing Page
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