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Building Backlinks Through Guest Posting: An Effective Strategy

One of the most common questions I get asked here at WNY Web Development when talking about SEO, is how does building backlinks for a new website help drive organic traffic to their website. And the keyword here is NEW.

I tend to get this question from a lot of beginner bloggers or small business owners just starting out who are:

  1. Trying to get their website noticed by the search engines.
  2. Becoming discouraged because they aren’t getting the instantaneous results they expect.
  3. They want to build up the domain authority of their website, so they always ask, “How can I use building backlinks to help with search engine rankings, help drive more organic traffic to my website, etc.”

So in this article, I am going to disclose to you a really simple yet powerful solution of guest posting that any small business owner or blogger can get started with as soon as today to help your website rank in the search engines.

With that being said, let’s get started, and let me try to explain in a bit more detail.

First of all.

Why is building backlinks so important?

Building backlinks is critical for SEO strategy reasons. It’s a huge factor in Google’s algorithm scheme. Google looks for websites that have quality backlinks to their site and ranks accordingly.

If other website owners are placing your website link on their website, that tells Google that your website has the solution or information that visitors are searching for and that your website is key.

So it helps with your keyword rankings within Google, it can help, therefore, in return,
drive more referral traffic to your website. It helps build the overall authority of your website as well.

So from an SEO standpoint, building backlinks is extremely beneficial and extremely key.

Another reason why building backlinks is important

Building backlinks helps give you more exposure to your website, to your brand and yourself. By putting your website link out there for the world to see, your getting exposure!

If your placing your website link on as many authoritative websites as you can, you’re marketing yourself. And increasing your domain authority at the same time.

My last point on why building backlinks is important

Is the growth of referral traffic.

By getting quality backlinks to your website from authoritative websites like I just talked about, your going to in time start getting referral traffic to your website. You’ll have repeat visitors to your website and hopefully it flourishes from that point.

To sum it up, the major goal and benefit of building backlinks is for SEO reasons. But at the same time it’s a awesome way to increase referral traffic to your website.

So now let’s get more in depth. The best strategy, I think, to building backlinks for a newer website.

And that strategy is guest posting.

Anyone can do this guest posting strategy.

Once you go through the process you will see how easy it is, then you just repeat the process along the way. It will become second nature. Then you can get some really good quality content out there on other websites and other blogs.

Guest posting is fairly simple to understand. It’s like writing a blog post for your own blog but your creating a blog post to pitch to other websites that are in your general niche.

Let’s take for instance, you run a dog training blog. You would most likely want to focus on other blogging sites inside the “pets” niche or strictly the “dog” niche.

You would then reach out to those types of websites to inquire if they are accepting guest posts in exchange for a backlink to your website.

There is an easier way to seek these chances, and I’ll get to that in a second. A lot of times these websites are looking for guest content, they like getting guest content.

It’s a win-win situation. You get to potentially have your article published on another website for a backlink and the hosting website gets fresh, unique and quality content that Google loves!

In the end I see it as a win-win situation.

Most of the time there isn’t much refusal when you apply for some of these guest post chances. In my eyes, this is the simplest, and most likely the greatest way for newer websites to begin acquiring some allure in terms of building backlinks to their website.

How To Find The Guest Post Chances for building backlinks

Now that I explained all that, and hopefully you understand it. I will tell you how to seek these guests posts chances, how to examine them, how to go about reaching out to them and moving forward, because I think this is going to be super helpful and it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Just a few steps that you can do and get started with as soon as this week.

How to find quality guest post chances yourself

There are so many ways to find guest post chances, but I’ll focus on just two really simple methods that you can get started with right away.

Relevant blogs in your niche

So, the first method is just to research relevant blogs in your niche. For instance, if you’re in the technology niche, you might just want to do a simple Google search for something like, top technology blogs or technology blogs accepting guests posts.

Sometimes doing these simple Google searches, you can find the really good and authoritative type of blogs to guest post on. Not all of these blogs will be accepting guest posting articles, but it’s okay. Go through some of these lists and see if there are any websites that you would be interested in guest posting on.

Sometimes with building backlinks, you might have to go through several websites before you get a few chances secure.

Being a new website or blogger your going to have a low scoring domain authority. The guest posting website will look at your domain authority score along with the quality of your blogs on your website to decide if they want you writing for them. After all, they want quality content from you to attract more visitors to their site also.

Don’t get discouraged and keep applying to other guest blogging sites! Make a list to keep track of the blogs you applied to with the result so you know what blogs you applied to and didn’t.

So, this is just a starting point and A really easy way to just research blogs in your niche to see if they are accepting guest posts.

A more specific approach

So, a more specific way to find blogs that are looking for guest posts and content to be published on their website is to use specific queries within Google.

I’m going to dig down even further now.

Most of the time, guest posting blogs will have pages such as a “write for us page”. It’s a specific page, specifically put on their website that is looking to attract content, contributors and people looking to publish guest posting articles on other websites. This is a great way to find specific sites within your niche that are looking for guest posts.

Specific query

So, in the example below I have what I’m specifically querying and adding a keyword.

For example, “write for us” + “your niche”, leave the quotes for this. It’s part of the search function, the search query.

let’s just say you’re in the dog training niche. Maybe you’d want to put in a keyword such as “pets”  here and we’ll just hit enter and we’ll see what comes up.

"write for us" + "pets" Google Search Image

So all of these pages here, you can see write for us, write for us, write for us, write for us. You can see that a lot of these websites, by using this search function, immediately you get these quality sites that you can start looking through to see if these are the types of websites that you would want to guest post on.

guest posting for building backlinks google search image

For instance… and this the keyword, you can switch this up as much as you want. You can put in dogs, you can put in animals, you can put in pet care, whatever it is, whatever niche you’re operating in.

I’m going to take this example, woofdog.org. You can see that this is a specific page. Become a contributor. They’re looking for guest posts for people to write guest posting articles. They’re looking for content contributors. This is the perfect page. This is exactly what you want.

Woofdog.org Google search looking for guest posting in exchange for building backlinks

They do have guidelines. Most guest posting chances will have some guidelines that you have to follow, like a word count, stating that your blog article has got to be 100% unique, everything that you should do anyways.

Alternative – Paid Tools

There are different tools that you can utilize as well that are out there. Most are paid tools that can help you find guest post opportunities as well. There are tons of them out there, but I would get into the habit of actually doing this research on your own. It’s a great learning experience, it’s a great method, it’s just great for your overall blog and your website.

Domain Authority Score

Now that I found a website here that I would like to guest post on, the next thing I want to do is I want to check the domain authority of this website.

So what I’m going to go to Google and just type in domain authority checker, and basically, we’re just looking how authoritative this website is if it’s worth guest posting on. I recommend using this free tool here, smallseotools.com.

There are paid ways to check the domain authority of a website. Paid tools, you can use such as Moz and Ahrefs, but if you’re just getting started, this tool here is perfect and it’s a free tool.

So really all you would need to do is just take the URL here that you found from your guest posting opportunity and add it to the domain authority checker. Basically, the higher the domain authority, the more benefit you’re going to get out of your guest posting, but especially if you’re new website just starting out, don’t get too hung up on domain authority as far as trying to find the highest scoring.

Look For A Score Of 15 Or Better

I would say if you’re a newer website, try to target anything that’s got a domain authority of 15 or higher. 15 or 20 or higher, I would say it is a good gauge to go by. So you could see the domain authority here is 35, so this is a great opportunity if you were in this niche.

build backlinks woofdog.org Domain Authority score

So what I would do next is just start organizing your guest posting list. I would do this in a batch, try to find like 20 to 25 to 30 opportunities at once, even 15 if you don’t want to do that many, but what I would do is I would open either an Excel document, a Notepad file, or just a Google sheet and I would start organizing your list by URL domain authority.

The email addresses of the contact form submission. This way, you know when you’re doing the outreach process exactly who and how to contact them. I like to put a status column. Sometimes I like to make the status column another color just so we know where we’re at and what not in terms of the overall process.

Paid and Free

Not all of the “write for us” that Google lists are necessarily going to be free. Some guest posting sites are free, some are paid, so you’ll have to figure that out once you do the outreach process, but you can find a lot of free opportunities as well with guest posting.

So there’s a mixture of both.

If the domain authority is high enough. And it’s authoritative and you think it’s going to provide a lot of benefit to your SEO and your overall website, say it has a domain authority of 60 or higher or 50 or higher. I would think about paying for it. Because some of these are worth it to get your content out on other websites.

“Write For Us” Form

Sometimes when you contact a blog to write guest posting articles on, they don’t have a form to fill out so, you have to use their contact form. You will want to read through the criteria on their “write for us” page.

In our example on woofdog.org it tells you to Email: contributors@woofdog.org and for the Subject: Guest Posting Ideas. Then under Submission Guidelines it tells you what to send. So, You really have to read through the page and follow the instructions to avoid as many headaches as possible.

Some have a form to make it easy to apply.

No-follow backlink or do- follow backlink

The purpose to doing this building backlinks strategy is to build backlinks. Make sure you receive a do-follow backlink when all is said and done. Some blogs will ask you to send no-follow backlinks when you send your post. If they decide to publish your post on their site they will give you a do-follow backlink.

The do-follow backlink is a link that Google will follow and credit you for. So you want to make sure you’re building backlinks that are do-follow in your guest posting blogs.

Summing up building backlinks for you

I didn’t think this was going to be a long article. I hope I covered everything and illustrated things well enough for you to understand. Any questions about building backlinks or guest posting feel free to contact me or leave a comment and I’ll be sure to respond.

It’s a strategy that you can do repeatedly. You have to keep doing the process over and over. Grow from your mistakes that will happen along the way.

So, if any of this building backlinks and guest posting strategy seems confusing, please go back and reread the article. I think it’ll be really helpful to you. Keep publishing and writing guest posting articles. Keep pushing and building backlinks for your website. Especially if you’re a newer website. Because over time, this could help with your search engine rankings and your organic traffic.

I know that was a longer article than normal. I hope this was helpful, and if you have any questions whatsoever, please let me know. I’m happy to help. And until next time, I’ll see you in the next article. Thanks so much.

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