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WNY Web Development is known for building websites that work! Whether your business is just starting out or already established, our website design and SEO services will place your business above your competition making you the envy of your competitors.

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WNY Web Development loves enabling individuals all over the world to become entrepreneurs by leveraging their passions, and skills.

Let WNY Web Development Do What We Do Best, For You! So You Can Take Care Of Your Passion.

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For our clients, our expert teams write the greatest code and create incredible user experiences.

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You've never had a Buffalo experience like this before

That's If your a newcomer to WNY Web Development

We are a professional, open-minded group with years of experience in website design and SEO. Placing your website in front of Google searchers looking for your service or products. You will work closely with our CEO and COO, who will assemble an incredible team from Buffalo’s top 5% talent pool to ensure your online needs are met to the fullest.

Darrin Holtz's Eduonix Certificate of Completion For Learning To Build WordPress Themes for Corporate Websites
Buffalo Website Design

Website Design

You must stand out and establish your own professional identity. However, it is not enough for a website to look attractive; it must also be fast and appear professional. WNY Web Development provides unique website design services that blend the effect of branded aesthetics with high functionality, optimization and an outstanding user experience.

LiteSpeed Web Hosting

LiteSpeed Web Hosting

We offer lightning-fast web hosting for businesses of all sizes. Optimized for speed with the latest hardware and infrastructure. 99.9% uptime, average page load is 1.9 seconds. WNY Web Development has a web hosting option that is appropriate for you, whether you’re a newbie creating your first website or an e-commerce business serving hundreds of orders every day.

Organic Search Results

When it comes to boosting organic search results, WNY Web Development publishes content that your target audience in your niche is likely to look for. Linking to relevant pages on your site, proper page structure, content description, properly naming images, SEO friendly domains, url’s, titles and headings. Knowing what keywords are searched for most, etc.

Increase Website Traffic

Increase Revenue

The whole idea when it comes to increasing your website traffic is getting as many eyeballs on your content as possible. WNY Web Development implements techniques such as fixing technical errors, broken links and tweaking your current content. We have the tools to audit your website and see where the problems are to turn your website into a revenue producing machine.  


Web Analytics

Web analytics is more than just a way of measuring web traffic; at WNY Web Development we use it to conduct business and market research, as well as evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of your website. Analytics also allows us to find out who your targeted audience is such as; age range, sex, marital status, income level, location, etc. Those statistics will then narrow for us the group of consumers to market towards.

content writing

Content Writing

Your blog can influence how the market perceives you as a thought leader in the industry. Instead of bombarding yourself with the often daunting never-ending task of writing blog articles, we will create content that your readers will love. Our engaging content will draw visitors to your site who you can then convert into paying customers increasing your ROI. Let WNY Web Development put your content strategy in motion.

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openness with our colleagues and clients. We bring issues to light and offer remedies as soon as possible.

People Over Profits

Our clients are the heartbeat of WNY Web Development. Creating opportunities at affordable pricing is our goal.


We value our word and hard work above all else. Our guiding beacons are our clients' visions.

Over Deliver

Exceed our clients' expectations in terms of value everyday. That one thing could be what distinguishes us.

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